Golden Roof Constructions LLP
We are your Construction Partner
Golden Roof Constructions LLP
Design, PMC, BIM, Digitization & Digitalization
Golden Roof Constructions LLP
Design, Precast and cast-in Situ Construction, Steel Structures & Interior designing, Interior Contractors.
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Vision and Mission


To be the Leader in Construction and company of first choice for customers in pursuit of quality in their construction projects.

To be the Leader in Scientific Project Management across the Globe fostering Growth and Sustainability.



To incorporate advance technologies, mechanization, IoT and Resource optimization techniques, into the Construction Industry by making them a part of our company’s DNA and achieve excellence

Our Services

We provide a Comprehensive Integrated solution to our Industry backed by software support to Automate the process.We get to understand the needs of our client so that we can tailor  solutions to their exact need, and deliver high-value results that transform their business.

Project Management Consulation
Design Consultation
5D Bim Integration
Quantity Survey & Estimation
Construction Management
Digitization & Digitalization

Our Journey

Golden Roof Constructions, established on February 12th, 2017, began as Adni PM LLP with a modest team of one. Their journey reflects a trajectory of growth and accomplishment. From securing their inaugural project management consultant order for Ardente’s Pine Grove project in Bangalore in August 2017 to branching into cost consultation services by January 2018, their expansion was steady. Their pivotal moment arrived on December 12th, 2017, when they clinched their second order, marking their entry into major projects like IKEA’s MEP commissioning works in Hyderabad. As they embraced digitalization with a notable order from Balfour Beatty’s back office in May 2019, their team burgeoned to three members. Fast forward to March 14th, 2020, and their dedication bore fruit with a promising contract from True Blue Realty Pvt Ltd., cementing their foothold in real estate projects. Today, Golden Roof Constructions stands tall, having delivered seven projects and actively managing ten others with a robust team of thirty professionals. Their portfolio spans diverse sectors, including project management, cost consultation, and real estate development, showcasing their adaptability and commitment to excellence.

Our Work

We collaborate with clients nationwide across various business sectors, delivering exceptional results in residential, commercial, industrial, and multistory projects, utilizing pre-cast, conventional, and structural methodologies. Our esteemed clientele includes Just Bake and Trueblue Realty Pvt Ltd, known for their innovative vision. Similarly, we partner with industry leaders such as Ascent Capital and Vacuum Techniques, driving transformative change. We also work closely with Vacuum Technologies Pvt Ltd and Balfour Beatty PLC, leveraging our expertise for success. Guided by visionary leaders like Lighting Technologies Pvt Ltd, we consistently exceed expectations, setting new standards in the industry.

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